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gstalker is a stock and commodities chart viewer, similar in appearance and function to those commercially
available such as metastok and superchartz.  The only differences are that 1) This software is released under
the GNU General Public License  and  2) It lacks many of the useless features that users come to expect from
commercial products and lastly 3) This software has been written to run under the Linux only.  Although a
few of you have informed me that  IRIX and FreeBSD might also work with a little tweaking. Sorry Microsoft users,
I have no plans to ever release a windows version in my lifetime. See my rant for reasons.

Everybody loves screenshots:

main screen  - a fully loaded shot of the main screen, of the company we love to hate :-)
                              ...short traders of the world unite and take over...



Firstly, we have moved the project to source forge. They can provide lots o'space for CVS, mailing lists, bug tracking etc. Very cool.

Secondly, I encourage everyone to checkout the latest from CVS. I am almost ready for the big 1.2 release. I know there are some
bugs I need help in finding, so please help me find them and post bug reports to the bug tracking system.

New stuff includes:

RSI, Momentum, ROC, MA envelopes.
Much improved data import function.
An interim method for chart objects like trend lines, buy and sell arrows, horizontal lines. (needs more work for better OO handling)
Unlimited MA's and up to five occillator type indicators on one chart.
G7 currency conversion.
A really, really, really, really pathetic portfolio tracker.
Huge memory reduction and much faster draw routines.
Using GNU wget for network updates, tcp4u package no longer needed.
Consolidated all the data files into one directory under ~/.gnome/apps
GNOME compliant I think...
Lots of little GUI refinements.
Lots of new and exciting bugs to piss you off.

Lastly, I will no longer be supporting the 1.1 releases. Everyone should start using what's in CVS now.


What do I need to run gstalker?

1) Any Linux distribution be it RedHat, Debian etc.

2) The GTK+ gui toolkit version => 1.2

3) GNOME => 1.0

4) GNU's wget. This is usually installed on most systems by default.

How do I get gstalker?

The current CVS snapshot is here.

An official 1.2 release will be here, as soon as all the show stoppers are fixed.

For Debian users, you can go here for details.

How do I install gstalker?

Download and install GTK+ if you don't already have it.
1) download the file to your /tmp directory or whatever.
2) 'tar zxvf gstalker*.tgz'
3) 'cd /tmp/gstalker*'
4) './configure ; make'
5) copy the 'gstalker' executable from the /src to whatever location you prefer.
6) Let er rip...

Questions, Comments:

You can direct and questions or comments to the forum area here. 


If you have stepped on any bugs, please report them to the bug tracker here.


I have been working on this for my own use and recently decided to give something back to the Linux community since it has given me so much over the years. I hope you find this software useful and productive, I'm afraid I can't provide timely user support as I have a day job and code this stuff in my so called 'spare time', so any silly questions, flames or lame comments will be directed to /dev/null. However, I would appreciate bug reports or any positive suggestions for further improvements. Mail me here.

(Last updated January 6, 2000)